Why Some People Keep On Eating, Yet They Don’t Gain Weight?

Fat CellsYou surely see many people who keep on eating but still they don’t gain weight. This is one of the mysteries in weight loss industry. Although there are few researches done to solve this mystery and recently a team of scientists from Harvard Joslin’s Diabetes Center completed a research to solve this mystery. This research is more about the types of brown fats available in mice. After completing research they discovered there are two types of brown fats. These are:

Constitutive Brown Fat – This type of fat is available in mice since birth. This Constitutive brown fat controls temperature and protects from shivering

Recruitable Brown Fat – This is another type of fat that is inactive in mice body. With the term ‘Recruit’ you may think this type of brown fat comes from outside but that’s not the case. Instead this type of fat is spread all over the body and it is found in white fat and muscles.

In this research, scientists also discovered a vital protein Type 1A BMP-Receptor (BMPR1A) that is responsible for the development of brown fat. Scientist discovered some mice lack in this protein and because of this their body lacks in brown fat. When they are born, their body contain only a fraction of normal brown fat that is present in back region.

In this research scientists are shocked to see mice that are lacking in constitutive brown fat are not shivering at the time of their born. This leads scientists to further research for the reason behind it. After some time they discovered that when mice is born with lack in brown fat their brain send signal to the body and Recruitable fat immediately turns into brown fat and controls body temperature. Reading taken at the time of mice birth shows normal body temperature and interestingly these mice remain lean throughout their live without becoming obese.

This is the same case in human body. Brown cells burn calories in the body and produce heat. But, when body exposes to cold temperature then brain signals body to activate Recruitable fat and convert them into brown fat. This ensures you don’t start shivering and can maintain a normal temperature.

How This Information Can Affect You?

DietingWe are always wanted to become like our favorable superstar or cartoon character. Most girls wanted to become like Barbie and for boys they wanted to become like some superhero. On basis of this, we can say that girls always wanted to become petite and gorgeous but boys wanted to pack on muscles, build six pack abs etc.

These are the aspiration for many boys and girls all over the world especially when it comes to appearance. This is the reason why some women do dieting at the point of starvation. They are slim but they look pale and faint. This was normal many decades ago when women worked as slave and they don’t get enough food but after hundreds of years, it is still happening.

After deeply researching for reason behind this I came to know that the main reason behind this problem is corset. Corsets getting tighter with the passage of time and women prefer to wear them to improve their body figure but important thing that they don’t know is when their waistline is shrinking it also put strain on other organs which make them shrink as well. This is why women who wear corsets on daily basis often become fair and fainted.

In late 19th century, men also began to adopt slim and smart look. It is typical for kings and their elite to be well-build. But after Industrial revolution and increase in demand for manual labor men starts building muscles and become the symbol of machismo. For this reason they start adopting rigorous dieting plan and other methods to lose weight. In simple words, men once again start putting them into unhealthy weight loss routine.

This biggest problem in these rigorous dieting plans is they provide temporary results. Men and women are not getting rewards for scarifies they are making to reach there. As an opposite they are getting long term health issues that are:

  • Lack of proper nutrients leads to weak immune system that make body vulnerable to different diseases and infections
  • Lack of energy due to lesser calories they are getting. Body is unable to work with full efficiency
  • Decline in cognitive abilities which seriously affecting their relationship inside bedroom

In this 21st Century, even with the growing knowledge of rigorous dieting plan these weight loss plans are still prevalent.

Why Starving Is Not Good For Weight Loss?

Weight Loss Tips

Starving to lose weight was common in 19th century when there was lack of knowledge but even after so many researches proved starving harmful it is very unfortunate to see starving is still common in this 21st century. Many people think by cutting down as much food as possible they are able to lose weight. The most important thing that they don’t know is starving can lead them to short-term and long-term side effects.

Starving can reduce cognitive ability making it difficult for a person to perform in bed while in long-term starving provides numerous negative effects. Some of them are:

  • Starving can decline brain and body ability and make it difficult for brain to response to body signals. In the long term one may start finding mental and physical problems
  • Due to lack of nutrients your body will become weak and lost its ability to fight against harmful bacteria
  • Starving make calcium deficiency which leads to weak bones and teeth


Dieting can lead to weight loss but dieting at the point of starving is harmful for you. Your body has natural ability to burn fat and fight against different diseases. By using simple 6 minutes trick in the early morning when you wake up you can set your body in fat burning mode. If you are interested to find more about this 6 minutes trick then don’t forget to read honest 6 minutes to skinny review. It is important to provide enough nutrients to make body work with full efficiency.

Remember weight loss is not a miracle instead it is a science.

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